It’s incredibly important for our program to show stray dogs all the kindness you have in you!

The hardest part of our sterilization program, aside from raising the funds, is actually getting the dogs on the operating table. The local culture in Lombok makes dogs disliked by the biggest part of the population. People see them as unclean and dangerous so they teach their kids that dogs need to be chased away before they get a chance to hurt you. It’s their way of keeping their family safe.
You will notice that as soon as you even pretend to pick up a stone from the ground, dogs will immediately run away.

The good thing is that over the past years, they have learnt that there are a lot of people that show them kindness too.
And that’s very important! Social and friendly dogs that are used to human contact are so much easier for us to catch and sterilize!

So you have the horrible task of petting, cuddling, feeding, playing, loving and kissing! 🙂