We don’t have the means to open up a shelter, so we can’t rescue dogs or take in puppies.

Since the dog population is so out of control in Lombok, our main focus needs to be sterilizing.
It’s heartbreaking for us all to see so many puppies being born into street life, getting sick or wounded, being skinny, getting dumped or dying. The only way to make sure less puppies end up in this situation is preventing them from being born in the first place. We have limited funds, so we need to use them on what’s most urgent.

One female dog and her offspring can produce up to about 67.000 puppies in her lifetime!
So with every female that we sterilize, we save a lot of puppies from a life on the streets.
And at the same time, we save the female as well.
She will be fatter and healthier. She is less prone to get diseases and infections. She will be left alone by male dogs and she won’t have to worry about feeding litter after litter anymore.

Add to that the fact that getting dogs adopted is extremely difficult in Lombok. The majority of the population is Muslim, which means that dogs are mostly very much disliked. Any shelter that’s opened up here at the moment would have dogs coming in at a fast pace and hardly any going out.

As hard as it is to say no, we comfort ourselves with the knowledge that we are making a big difference with our program!