It’s not because you see a puppy by itself that it’s abandoned and it’s OK to take it away.

Female stray dogs don’t have the luxury to stay with their puppies all the time. In order to be strong and care for her litter, a stray mom is forced to leave the nest and go on a mission to find food. Depending on how well the search goes, she can leave her puppies for hours on end. Especially once they start getting bigger and more independent, you will often see puppies by themselves. It’s OK.

Often local people will come up to you and tell you the mother has died. Most of the time that’s not true, but it’s a very effective way to make you feel bad and take the puppies away. Problem solved for them!

So what if you see lonely puppies somewhere…?

Don’t assume they are abandoned straight away and definitely don’t take them with you unless you have a solid plan for them first. You will notice it’s very hard to find a place to take them, let alone find someone to adopt them.
Plus they are very likely to have a mother who will come back to find her puppies missing.

People tend to overreact, take puppies away and cuddle them lots or even shower them. Then when they can’t find anywhere to take them, they go back to where they found them and very often find their mother there.
The only problem is that the puppies have such a different scent now, that mom is quite likely to reject them and a reunion is not possible anymore.

So if you come across the cutest puppy in the world and you can’t see a female dog straight away, take the opportunity to practice your self control 🙂 Be certain it actually needs to be rescued before you do so and make sure you are in the possibility to offer a good solution.